Make anything cross-chain

Squid allows any token to be swapped between blockchains, and unlocks access to apps across chains in a single click. Use Squid to build seamless user experiences that tap into cross-chain liquidity and scale to reach anyone with a crypto wallet, no matter what chain they’re on.

Squid’s API and SDK supports swaps between any token type, and enables multiple swaps and on-chain function calls to be linked together across a large list of integrated chains, so developers and users can explore new ecosystems in an instant.

63 chains (and counting)

Expand your app to new ecosystems and users. Unlock value from EVM to the Cosmos and beyond.

Buidl-your-own transactions

Combine swaps with general message passing and you get one-click staking, buying, or just-about-anything across chain.

Integrate into existing workflows

Boost your UX in minutes. Keep building on the chain you love while scaling your app to reach users everywhere.

Enough liquidity for everyone

Squid plugs into existing DEX liquidity, which means it’s reliable, unwrapped, and at the best price you can get.

Over 200 projects have integrated us

Powered and secured by Axelar

Squid inherits its speed, security and reliability from Axelar Network - an interoperability protocol and the most secure and scalable cross-chain communication platform. We trust them to scale the blockchain internet.

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