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How to get KLIMA on any chain

How to get KLIMA on any chain


We’ve split the following step-by-step guide for $KLIMA into two sections:

  1. How to get $KLIMA on any chain
  2. How to bridge $KLIMA across any chain

But first, an explainer on KlimaDAO and $KLIMA.

What is KlimaDAO and what makes $KLIMA special?

KlimaDAO provides public goods and common-pool resources to drive an equitable, sustainable, and blockchain-enabled economy. Klima has deployed $KLIMA as an Interchain Token with Axelar’s ITS and is live on Polygon and Base. $KLIMA is accessible to swap into from any chain and bridge across supported chains on Squid.

Use the $KLIMA token to steward KlimaDAO’s resources and help grow the Digital Carbon Market (DCM). KlimaDAO is governed by $KLIMA holders with an infrastructure as the neutral base layer for environmental commodities markets of the future. The DCM was incubated by KlimaDAO and enables transparent and efficient climate markets of the future. Learn more about KlimaDAO here.

How to get $KLIMA on any chain

Step 1 - Visit v2.app.squidrouter.com and connect your wallet.

Step 2 - Select source chain and token you’ll be swapping from. For this example we’ll be using BNB on the BNB Chain as the source token and chain.

Step 3 - Select your destination chain and $KLIMA as the destination token. For this example we’ll be using Polygon as the destination chain.

Step 4 - Enter the amount of BNB that you would like to swap into $KLIMA on Polygon. Review your order and click ‘Submit.’ Make sure to approve in your wallet too, if prompted. You will see a ‘Processing’ message followed by ‘Complete.’ Congratulations, you now have $KLIMA on Polygon!

How to bridge $KLIMA

Step 1 - Now that you have $KLIMA on an ITS supported chain, you can move $KLIMA between and across all other supported ITS chains as you want. Select ‘$KLIMA’ from ‘All Networks’ for a complete list of supported chains. *Note: $KLIMA is currently deployed on Polygon and Base.

Step 2 - For this example, we’ll be sending $KLIMA from Polygon to Base. Be sure to give permission and confirm in wallet if prompted.