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How to get $DOGE on BNB Chain (BSC)

How to get $DOGE on BNB Chain (BSC)

About Dogecoin

Dogecoin, or ‘the people’s cryptocurrency’ is one of the very first coins of its kind. Born in 2013 as a joke, DOGE quickly gained popularity and has since gained respect for withstanding volatility, and is a true pioneer in crypto.

Swaps to $DOGE on BNB Chain are supported from both Cosmos and EVM chains using Squid App. Depending on which chain you are swapping from, you will either use Squid v1 or Squid v2:

  • Across EVM and Cosmos Chains: Squid v1
  • Between EVM Chains: Squid v2

Get DOGE on BNB Chain from any chain

Here’s how to get $DOGE on BNB Chain using any token from any Cosmos chain, all on Squid. For the below example, we’ll be swapping $DOGE from Polygon to BNB Chain. If you are swapping from Cosmos or from another EVM chain, just replace Polygon with the chain you are swapping from.

Step 1 - Connect your wallet to app.squidrouter.com

Step 2 - Click the chain and token dropdown under ‘From’ to select the source chain you will be swapping from, and select the source token you will be using to swap.

Please note: your selected source token must already have an available amount in your wallet in order to swap, if it does not, you will not have sufficient funds.

Step 3 - Now that you’ve selected your source chain and token, it’s time to select your destination chain and token.

To do this, click the chain and token dropdown under ‘To’ and select BNB Chain as your destination chain and $DOGE as your destination token.

Step 4 - Choose the amount of source token you’d like to swap to $DOGE. For 20 second swaps, make sure that Squid Boost is enabled.

Review your order summary and then click to give permission to use tokens if prompted.

Step 5 - Make sure to confirm in your wallet alongside Squid if your wallet settings require these additional confirmations.

Step 6 - Once you’ve approved your swap on Squid and in your wallet, you’ll see a ‘Processing’ message and then a ‘Complete’ to confirm your transaction was successful.

Congratulations, you now have $DOGE on BNB Chain!