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How to buy Celestine Sloths from any chain

How to buy Celestine Sloths from any chain

Step 1

Go to the Celestine Sloth Society page on Squid NFT Checkout by searching via Stargaze or clicking this link.

Step 2

Scroll until you find the sloth you’re looking for. Take your time, it’s a big decision. Once you’ve found your spirit sloth, click to find out more. If you’re sure you know that this is the sloth for you, simply click ‘BUY’ and jump to the next step.

Step 3

Now that you’ve found your Sloth and learned more, click ‘Buy Now’ and make sure your wallet is connected.

Step 4

After you’ve connected your wallet, choose the chain and token you will be using to buy your new Sloth.

Step 5

Click “add address” and add the Stargaze-compatible wallet where you would like to receive your NFT. You can connect a wallet or paste the address.

Step 6

Review your order and click ‘Buy’ to buy your Sloth. You will receive a confirmation message once your order has successfully gone through. Congratulations, you now own your very own Celestine Sloth!